Welcome to Khalo Naser Syrian Cuisine and Lounge!

In the 80’s, Naser started his cooking career with a restaurant in his hometown of Damascus,

Syria. A few years later, he opened another restaurant in Saudi Arabia. In 2016, Naser and his

wife, Roula, moved to Corvallis to be closer to two of their children, who were attending OSU.

After years of delighting gatherings of family and friends with their cooking, they decided to open a

restaurant to share their specialties with the local community they have grown to love.

At Khalo Naser, we believe food comes from the heart. We draw inspiration from the rich

culinary traditions of the Middle East, crafting dishes that celebrate the region's vibrant flavors

and spices. Our mission is to serve up two of life's greatest pleasures - delicious Arabic cuisine

and refreshing beverages. We take pride in using responsibly sourced, local ingredients. From

the sizzle of our spiced meats to the aroma of our freshly baked bread, we aim to delight your

senses with every bite.

In Arabic, Khalo translates to Uncle.

Here at Kahlo Naser, your Uncle Naser will be taking care of you like family!